Saturday, January 21, 2012

Either you are with Him or Against Him,beware

This is a prophetic Word I received fall of 2011
The Spirit of the Lord is impressing deep into my spirit this am...So many many Pastors,leaders of the House of God,Know His Word,teach it in the right manner...but their personal lives are not right before God.

..........The Lord says,they MUST comprehend My Holiness says the Lord...They do not realize they cannot mix any part of the kingdom of this world into My Kingdom says the Lord.....I stressed in My Word says the Lord,how you are not to touch or taste the things of this world.
.........The Lord is saying..He can make things appear that are not as though they are!!He is taste as it is not as though it is....To see how you do not really Know Him at all ,says the Lord
...You, says the Lord...move in such great ways in the teaching of My Word,yet you Do Not Really Know Me at all,says the Lord......Do you believe that I am a Holy God that forbids sin in any form of the way,says the Lord.....and yet you do it,as though you are exempt from My Word(Ordinances,statutes,says the Lord....Know ye not that you will be judged even greater then the rest?Either you are with Me or against Me says the Lord.

..........Num 6:2 Speak into the children of Israel,and say unto them,When either man or woman shall separate themselves to vow a vow of a Nazarite,to separate themselves unto the Lord:(The Lord is saying,you did this when you answered My Call on your life,I chose you to walk in holiness with Me says the Lord,not doing any part of what the world(sinners ) do.You belong to Me,My Chosen..I will not tolerate you playing with any part of the world,and then come unto Me anymore.Walk as I walk,do as I did,serve Me in all of thy ways says the Spirit of the Lord.
...........Num.6:3 He shall separate himself from(" wine") and(" strong drink"),and shall drink no vinegar of wine,or vinegar of strong drink,neither shall he drink any ("liquor") of grapes,nor eat moist grapes,or dried............The Lord wants that I point out,His Word stands forever,and not to try to diminish Ought from His Holy Words.He does not want that you indulge yourself anymore in this sin......The Lord is saying...many many prophets have erred in My Word and stumbled at My Word,leading many away from Me ,says the Lord...............It is not ok that you drink liquor.(Have you circumcised your heart?have you died to the flesh?Become alive unto Me says the Lord?
......You see how many new churches coming up in these last days,are no part of Me at all says the Lord.They know Me not nor My Word...They are teaching sin is ok....I tell you NO Sin is OK,says the Lord.NOT ONE SIN is of Me says the Lord......I never made liquor of grapes (NEVER) and do not teach anymore that I did says the Lord.I told you,I make things appear that are not as though they are,to taste as they are not as though they are.
....If you know Me,then you know I am HOLY.Nothing of this World can be named on you,who are Mine alone.......Why do you think you are confused at any part of My Word?Why do you feel that you must now question My Word?Because ,as you take that one drink of liquor of grapes or strong just opened the door for the adversary to walk into your life.
.............Do what you must do ,says the Lord.Walk upright with Me now says the Lord.......for I am tearing down many now who claim to know Me and walk with Me and they do not says the Lord......Wolves in sheeps clothing have crept in unknown to the Body,why is this? Why is it they do not recognize the leaven?Why? says the Lord.(They are like the world,dress and talk and act as the world,you can no longer see the difference between My Body (The Church) and the World....prostituting My Word,;I am grieved says the Lord;you have the means to change things now says the Lord.
They are shutting the mouths of My Propehts,forbidding my Apostles......Coming against My Tresures that teach the truth of My Word,You are My Tresures says the Lord...I formed you in the Womb,I raised you to represent Me...not any part of this world says the Lord......You cannot represent Me and the world says the Lord.
....You have no answers,you are confused,and it grows worse says the Spirit of the you continue to partake of the world's treasures and not Mine....You will have great delusion now ,says the Lord.Your eyes will become blinded,you no longer will confuse My Children...MY hand is against you now says the Spirit of the Lord.
.......There is the evil woman(false church)she will stand with her daughters and be judged in the end....There is the Right and Good woman(Church)who will Love Me to the very end of her existance,Have the testimony of Me says the Lord and she keeps My Commandments says the Lord...You stand strong with Me says the Lord...No evil shall come nigh thee.
The Wrong Church,leaven....
......let the wrong church be,(Do not embrace her in her harlotry.Do not says the Lord.(you agree with her,you lead her away from Me into her own leaven(false beliefs)carved images,idolatry,other gods.(wicked blasphemy against Me says the Lord your God,and you hug her? Beware says the Lord...Never lift up any belief system that is against Me ,the Lord your God and My Word.....try to reach her with the truth of My Word...But know I am in control....I will deal with her in the end.You embrace her,you encourage her and lead her away from Me and the truth of My Word(spiritual adultery)you will be held accountable...who will teach her the truth? You had the chance and did not...Do not EVER compromise Me and My Word says the Lord your God.........You see now how so much evil is creeping into My Body,My Church.....I will give to you great insight now,great revelation and wisdom now says the Lord...Come against this demonic spirit coming against My Church with all the false leaven...You have the Power within you by My Holy Name ,says the Spirit of the Lord...........Help and reach the Lost never compromising My Holiness and My Word,says the Lord your not allow this demonic spirit any further into the Body of Christ,says the Lord.Prophetess Joan Rogers